Toxic Lifestyle to Green Lifestyle

If the skin is the most important organ on our body, shouldn’t we do a better job protecting it from harmful and toxic products? Yes we should!

In 4 months I eliminated all toxic skin and cleaning products from our home. I learned that all the products I was using had parabens, alcohol, coloring, and even meat derived chemicals. I did some research on this because I thought one day, “If I’m watching what food goes into my body, shouldn’t I watch the products I use on my skin and what I inhale everyday into my body?” Of course! It made a lot sense to learn what products were chemical free so I can start replacing harmful products with green products.

How did I transform my toxic lifestyle to a green lifestyle?  I took drastic measures. This transformation took a lot of research, time, and commitment. I knew I wanted my family and I to be heathy but I really didn’t know where to start or how to do it on a budget.

Before my family and I started our green journey, we were very oblivious to what ingredients were in our hair, skin and cleaning products. I never questioned it because I really wasn’t health conscience and I used to buy whatever smelled and felt good on my skin. I’ve always suffered from skin rashes because my skin is extra sensitive so I resorted to “hypo-allergenic” products. Even If I looked at the ingredients, I wouldn’t even know what half of the chemicals were. I didn’t think to question the big companies that were distributing these products and labeling them as “safe”. Why would I?

That naive mentality had my family and I using harmful products with ingredients that could cause cancer, diseases and all sorts of sickness down the road. I shouldn’t have assumed and should have done my research a long time ago. It’s never too late though to educate yourself and start taking action.

So one day after reading an article on parabens and carcinogenic compounds in hair and skin products, I decided to go into my bathroom and kitchen closet to evaluate every single product that I had. Sadly, EVERY product I used up to that point had some sort of chemical in them so I threw all of them in the garbage. That was the day I made a promise to myself to NEVER allow those products back in my home. I was very angry with myself for not knowing better and doing better sooner. This is where my journey began. What I did for the next 90 days was:

  • Research all organic skin, cosmetic and cleaning products
  • Spend countless amount of hours watching informative videos on toxic products
  • Replaced all toxic products  with organic, chemical free products

What products did I start buying?


  • Coconut oil for body and and face lotion
  • Honest organic powder
  • Coconut and oil based deodorant
  • Essential oils for allergies, colds and improve moods
  • All natural lip balm

I now use these products as part of my morning routine.

For cleaning products, I started buying all Honest products since their products are plant based.


Check out this list on chemicals we should look out for in our skin and cosmetic products:


All it takes is making 1 decision and following through. You won’t regret it.

ARK Mommy




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