About Us

This is my world. A mom to a 4 year old and a wife to an amazing husband that has put up with me for 13 years :-). Our little family may grow in the near future but for now is just 3 of us living healthy and happy. Some people think we are a little crazy because we made a decision one day to be different, to live our lives without rules or asking permission, and wondering what ifs anymore. When did our journey start? When our baby dino was born.

Who is ARK Mommy?

  • A mommy to a healthy 4 year old dino
  • A driven working mom with a full time executive and demanding career as VP of Operations that loves what she does
  • A wife – married for 7 years
  • A dedicated and committed mom to kids health
  • A mom passionate about kid’s education
  • A green mom building a green lifestyle
  • A mommy that loves to see other women and moms succeed and win in life
  • A mommy with big dreams as big as her heart

What is ARK Mommy all about?

ARK Mommy is a blog for all working moms that are looking for some inspiration to improve any aspect of their life (health, parenting, business, marriage, etc). I chose the blog name ARK Mommy because ARK is a symbol of light, positivity and hope which is what I want my blog to stand for. Not only that, the first letters of my family’s name spells out ARK and what better way than to name your blog after your family. After all, they are responsible for the person I’ve become.

If you want tips on how to raise a healthy family or just want some motivation to win at being a working mom, like my page and sign up to my blog. I hope to meet all you wonderful mommys out there one day.

Educate, Motivate & Inspire!



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